What's in a Hotcode website?

All Hotcode websites are powered by a content management system which gives you control of your own website. If you discover a spelling mistake in the middle of the night (yes it happens), you can simply log into your site and make the change yourself. No waiting for your web developer to wake up in the morning and get to work.

When you come to Hotcode Designs to have your website created, there are a number of steps that we follow to make sure that you get the website you desire, and that nothing gets left out.

where oh where to start?

Firstly, creating a website is a collaborative project - we do need input from you to be able to make your dream website. We start by giving you a little homework - a few questions that you need to answer so you know what you want from your website and can start building a solution to deliver what you need. We will also organise to have a meeting with you, whether that be in person or over the phone.

Once your homework is done, we will look over your answers, and ask you more questions if required, and of course, answer any questions you have for us.

The next step is to provide you with a quote. If you require a complicated website with a lot of custom development, you will also receive a website proposal, outlining the work you have requested. This is your opportunity to check over the proposal and make sure nothing has been missed. The proposal is not set in stone, but it does outline what the quote covers. You can add more to the proposal, but naturally this will change the quote.

The quote also includes your contract. Read over this, and then sign the contract to start the development of your website.

website development

Once your contract is signed, we will create your website as a job in our project management system, and start the work on your website. This is where you need to think about the text and images you would like to put on your website, and start providing them to us. While you are putting together this information, we will start designing your site layout, and provide you with an image mock-up of what your site will look like.

Next, we will create the website template, and load the required files to the website server. We will need your page content by now to be able to load the pages for your website. If you need help writing your content, don't hesitate to ask us for help - that is what we are here for.

Now all the content is loaded, so we will give you login access to your site, and you can continue to load any other pages you want on your site. This is also where your website training takes place. All Hotcode websites come with 2 hours training on the system - and you can break this up into 2 one hour sessions if you need. This allows you to learn the basics, and then try a few things on your own, before moving onto some of the more technical features of your new website in the second session. Our content management system is quite intuitive to use, and there is an excellent help system available.

the finishing touches

The next step is to put the site live. You are now on the internet. Because you have an excellent content management system in place, you can continue to make changes and add pages to your website, and let it grow. The Hotcode team will submit your website to the major search engines, like Google and Yahoo.  From here, you can also look at search engine optimisation which will help you improve your search engine rankings. We continue to offer follow-up support, and have free email support for all of our websites if you get stuck.

The key thing to remember when you have a website developed is it is a living thing. And like all living things, you need to feed it. Feeding a website is very easy - you simply need to keep your content up to date! We recommend updating your homepage at least once a month, and checking your other pages to make sure they aren't outdated. Something that should encourage you - Google loves new content, and will visit your site more often if there is new content regularly.

further development

Like most websites, you will get a few months or a year down the track before thinking to yourself, wouldn't it be nice if my site could do this? Or maybe that? The best thing about a Hotcode website is it will grow with your needs, and adding in extra features doesn't mean a complete scrap of your existing site. Simply contact us and let us know what you're thinking of so we can provide you with a quote to add your new dreams to your website.