Website Design Brief

Whether you get your new website created by Hotcode Designs or another website design company, these are some questions that you should know the answers to, and that the company you choose should ask you BEFORE creating your website.

We ask all of our clients to fill in a design brief so that you get the best out of your website. This is a general questionnaire covering what you would like from your website, other websites you like, and also some more information about your business.

These are some of the questions that we will ask you:

Basic Details

  • your name
  • company
  • address
  • phone
  • email

Business Details

  • what do you do?
  • who is your target market or demographic?
  • what is your competitve advantage?
  • do you have existing branding (logo, colours, etc)?

Services Required

  • do you require a new website or a website re-design?
  • have you thought about online marketing for your website and would you like more information about this?
  • are you happy with your current logo and branding?
  • do you have a domain name?

Website Goals

  • what is the main objective of your website?
  • what will your customers predominantly use your site for?
  • how will your website attract new visitors and keep existing customers?

Website Details

  • what are 3 websites you like the appearance of and what design elements of each?
  • what are 3 websites you do not like the appearance of?
  • do you prefer a modern appearance or a more classic/traditional look?
  • where would you prefer the main navigation of your website?

Advanced Website Feautres

The following are some of the things that we can add to your new website and are all optional. These items can also be added at a later stage if you don't want or need these features yet.

  • E-Commerce/Online Shop with Shopping cart
  • Blog
  • Online Diary
  • Event Calendar
  • Forum
  • Email Marketing/Email List
  • Members area with secure pages and registration
  • News Manager
  • Audio or Video Files
  • Freight Calculator
  • Location Map
  • Client Testimonials

One last question

Are there any other questions you would like answered?

We cover a lot of things with this design brief, but everyone has different questions they want answered. This is your opportunity to ask anything that you still have questions about.