Website Statistics

Website statistics are a useful and powerful tool to help you make better decisions about your website. All Hotcode Websites are loaded with website tracking. We use 2 different monitoring solutions: StatCounter and Google Analytics. For most websites, Google Analytics offers the information that you require, but sometimes people like to know lots of information, which is where StatCounter comes into play.

Here are just a few of the features available with Google Analytics:

Visitors Overview

This shows you the number of visitors, unique visitors, pageviews, average pageviews, average time spent on your site, new visits and bounce rate. Don't be confused with a high number of pageviews - it is the number of visitors, time spent on your site and the bounce rate that you need to monitor. The bounce rate is determined by visitors who don't look at any pages other than the one they land one. If you have a high bounce rate, you need to look at what could be causing it.

Technical Profile

This shows which browsers your visitors use and also what type of internet connection they are using. This is useful to know because it shows browser trends. And the browser and internet connection changes depending on your target market.

Traffic Sources

Knowing where your traffic comes from is important because then you know where you need to focus - whether that be increasing results in an area that isn't performing as you would like, or knowing where you should be spending your advertising budget.

There are 3 main traffic sources to a website: Search engines, referring sites and direct traffic. For search engine results, you are also given your top 5 search keywords.

Map Overlay

It's always interesting to see where in the world your visitors are coming from. The top 10 countries are also broken down so you can see the visits, pages per visit, average time on the site, percentage of new visits and the bounce rate.

Content Overview

Knowing which are your top 5 pages can be very beneficial, as you can use this pages to encourage your visitors to visit the rest of the site. Make sure that your visitors can easily navigate to the other pages on your site.

This section of the report also tells you the pageviews, unique views and bounce rate for the site.

Emailed Reports

We can set up reports that are emailed to you each day, week, month or quarter, depending on how often you want to receive them. By default, you will receive monthly and quarterly but are more than welcome to request more often!