Web Marketing

There is more to owning a website than just building a great looking website. You need people to visit your site. This is achieved through web marketing.

There are a number of ways to get visitors to your site. Natural search engine listings are free, but you can also pay Google, Yahoo! and a number of other search engines to have 'sponsored' links. Search marketing provides the highest return on investment (ROI) against other online marketing, so this is not a step to overlook.

Search Engines

When 92% of online customers use search engines to shop and/or make purchases online, you need to be in the search engines and returning good ranks. Optimising your website for the search engines is one way to help you climb to the top.

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Paid Search Engine Listings

Putting up paid listings is not something to enter into lightly - there is a lot to learn and you have to be comfortable with trial and error. Hotcode Designs is able to help you with paid listings so you get more hits on your website, more visitors and more sales.

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Website Statistics

An important part of website marketing is checking your weekly and monthly statistics. See how many visitors look at your site, what pages they visit and even where they are from.

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Domain Names

Your domain name is also an important part of web marketing. Used correctly, you can purchase a 'keyword rich' domain name, which will help you with your overall search engine ranking.

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