blog Hotcode's 6th Birthday <p><a href=""><img class="leftAlone" src="" alt="Happy Birthday Cake" width="685" height="170" title=""/></a>It's hard to believe that we have been around for 6 years already, so what better opportunity to share some of our birthday celebration promotions.</p> <h3>free hosting for 6 months</h3> <p>For the first 3 websites sold this month, we're giving away 6 months of hosting. This can save you anything from $172 to $241 on our standard hosting plans, or more for customised plans.</p> <h3>$100 sending credit</h3> <p>What better way to let your customers know what is happening within your business than with a monthly email newsletter. We're making it a little easier by giving the first 2 people to have their newsletter template designed a $100 sending credit. If you send a newsletter to 500 people each month, this will last you 5 months!</p> <h3>free business card and letterhead design</h3> <p>If your logo is looking old and tired, we can revamp it for you and will also add in free business card design and update your letterhead for you. If you don't have a logo, same rules apply - get us to create it for you and we'll include the business card and letterhead design for free.</p> <p><em>These offers are only available until the 28th February, so don't wait around to take advantage of our 6th birthday (because they won't be back until next year)</em></p> Tue, 15 Feb 2011 16:49:16 -0500